ZUPPLER: Promoting on FB with the “Shop Now” Button

Here is an easy way to start getting orders through your Facebook page!

Once you are logged into your business’ Facebook page with administrator privileges, Click Add a Button or Edit Button. You can choose Shop Now. Click Website Link, add your online ordering URL provided below. Click Save. Click Finish. If you need help with this, just let us know! We are here to help walk you through or complete this for you.




FOR ASSISTANCE: To provide us admin access to your Facebook page, please click on Settings, Page Roles, Assign a New Page Role, Type TLS Clipper into the empty field and select us from the drop down when it appears. Choose Editor when selecting a role from the dropdown menu. Click Add and enter your password to confirm. Let us know that you have granted us access to your Facebook and we can add the button for you!

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