Annual “Best of” Promotion (West Coast Florida)

Chris Huff likes to utilize his merchant’s TLS platforms to promote voting for Florida’s “Best of” competition every year. The below is an outline of how we acquire the proper information and deploy this request as smoothly as possible.

  1. Chris Huff and April Wheatley need to supply us with the below information…


  • LIST OF REPS (Emily will pull a list of accounts for each rep so we know who we need approvals from)
  • BEST OF IMAGE: (Provided by April Wheatley)
  • LINK: (Provided by April Wheatley)
  • CAMPAIGN RECURRENCE: Push/Email Every 2-3 Weeks
  1. As merchant approval is received from Chris Huff, MAM’s will create/proof/schedule campaigns

Since Chris Huff supplies us with merchant approval (screenshots suffice) the MAM’s will send out  proofs to the merchants stating that we have their approval on file to utilize their TLS marketing platforms to promote voting for the “Best of” promotion. The MAM’s will only send proofs once we receive merchant approval from Chris Huff. The MAM’s will include the email proof/push verbiage and dates that we will be scheduling each campaign. MAM’s can schedule these without requiring any additional approval. If we get a number of merchants who are unhappy with the content or schedule, we will look into obtaining final merchant approval next time around as un-scheduling/editing/re-scheduling promos can be time consuming.

  1. The below are the instructions for the MAM’s on how to promote for each program platform.


  • FOR EMAIL: Add graphic with URL link
  • FOR APPS: Add URL to CMS, Add Image to Specials Module, and Send Push Message (make note to remove URL and Special after the promotion is over)
  • FOR WEBSITE: Add graphic to homepage with link (make note to remove graphic/link after promotion is over) NOTE: This will NOT be considered part of their free hour – TLS will eat this cost)

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