APP: Reporting for Reps

We now have a way for reps to check App statistics for the Apps they sold and are now live in the App stores. The same stats that are available in the CMS for customers, are also available for reps on a merchant by merchant basis.

This is an overall FYI for everyone and we encourage you to share with reps when they ask for customer statistics. You can forward the message below, in its entirety, to a rep when needed. This will also be posted on the sales blog .

As a side note, this should eliminate any extra time spent gathering information for reps when they ask for it.


  • If you go to, there is a new report under Total Loyalty Solutions called “Customer Dashboard Statistics”.


  • Customer Dashboard Statistics is run over a date range and provides the same information as the main blocks in the CMS:


  • The report will show you:
    • Number of Emails Collected
    • App Opens
    • App Downloads
    • Coupons Claimed
    • Number of Punches
    • Number of Rewards
    • Number of Push Notifications

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