RESOURCES: Free Email Send Workflow

For any free email requests that come through, Mandi will be creating a card in trello for the request. The below are the steps you then need to follow.

  1. Once you go to the Trello board, you will see “cards” waiting to be worked on within the Onboarding column. Please open the card and review it for any missing content. (missing offer, missing website, etc) Mandi will be tagging the card if there is any missing content so it should be easily recognized. Once fully completed with content, you can move the card to the Emma Account Set Up column. Please then send the merchant/rep the “Intro Template” below to let them know we received their request and will be getting them a proof as soon as possible. (Please be aware that rep’s have sent in free email requests for merchants who either have a current email program with us, or have already been set-up with a trial account previously. Before moving forward, please go to Emma and search for the merchant you are working on. If you see an account already set-up in Emma as a TRIAL, the account is already set-up and you can move forward to Email Creation. If you see an account in Emma already that does NOT say TRIAL, you can email Chuck Binkley and Emily McCardell to take ownership of the card moving forward.)
  2. You will then need to follow the steps on the blog to create a trial account in Emma. ( Once you are done with this, you can move the card to the Ready for Art Creation column. Then update the Trello Card Milestone List with Date Sent to Production and check off the Task List “Create Account in Emma”, and any Importing tasks that were applicable.
  3. You can them move the card to Art Creation in Progress. You will create what is needed and move the card to the Ready for Email Creation column once finished.
  4. Once the card is in Ready for Email Creation, move the card to Email Creation in Progress when you begin working on it. Go into the account in Emma, select the “Blank 2.0” template under “My Templates” and create their free email proof with the header and main hero image you created. We need to keep these free emails as similar looking as possible so please do not differentiate too much from this template.
  5. Once the proof is created you can proof it out to the merchant/rep using the Merchant Review template and move to the Out for Merchant Review column. Then update the Trello Card Milestone List with Date Proofed Out to Merchant
  6. Once approved, you will need to update the expiration date in the coupon, schedule the email and send the merchant the Approval template. You can then move the trello card to the “Email Scheduled” column and update the trello card Milestone List with the Date the Merchant Approved and the Date the Email was Sent.
  7. 48 hours after the email is sent, you can send the merchant/rep the Reporting template and then you can move the card to the Reporting Sent column. Then update the Trello Card Milestone List with Date Reporting Sent
  8. NOTE: There is a cancelled column at the very end in the case the merchant closes or declines the offer after the request has been submitted. There is also a HOLD label and an UNRESPONSIVE label as needed. Hold is used when a merchant is still engaged but asks to hold b/c they aren’t ready to move forward.

Merchant Templates: