ZUPPLER: How to add a Promo Code

Go to the TLS OO Control Panel (www.restaurants.zuppler.com)

Search for your Merchant. Select your Merchant.

On the Profile page (you will come to this as default after selecting your Merchant) you will see a Deals & Discounts section. Click on “Add Discount”. Content Fields will show up on the right hand side. Go through and fill them out accordingly.

  • Percent/Amount: You can choose a dollar amount or percentage
  • Limit: You can add a certain amount the customer needs to pay before receiving the discount.
  • Order Type: you can select all orders, just pick up, just delivery, etc.
  • Source Channel: IGNORE/LEAVE BLANK
  • First Time User Discount: You may check this box if this discount is for ALL and ONLY first time orders
  • Promo Discount: You may select this if you wish to require a promo code. The promo code is not case sensitive and will change you capitals to lowercase. Do not use spaces or abnormal symbols. There is no character limit but please keep it short. Promo codes should be short and simple for ease of use.
  • From/Until: You may select when you want this discount to begin, and when you want it to expire.
    • If the discount should be never-ending, such as first-time user discounts, do not do anything in the Until field.
  • Applies to: You may select what particular days of the week you want this discount to be valid for.

Click Save When Done

NOTE: You must do this to each location for all multi locations.

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