MAM Seller (Involvement in OB Process)

When you are associated as a “MAM Seller” on an account in Appflow, this is what you can expect to be included on as the “rep” during the onboarding process.

  • Milestone Emails (Intro Email w/ Onboarding Form, Proof Out to Merchant, Merchant Program Approval, etc.)
  • Account Status Changes/Concerns
  • If/When Rep Helps is Needed


7/11/22: They can count on, at the very least, being cc’d on milestone emails. I do frequently cc the seller on more, but that varies from account to account in what seems necessary. I’d say my general rule of thumb, if this helps at all, is I will cc the seller if the account status is changing somehow, or if it’s something the merchant needs to act on like if we’re missing information or something is needed for Apple, etc; anything truly significant about the account’s status and “well-being”. For regular conversations with the merchants, sometimes there can be some back and forth, I don’t typically cc the seller. If there is a legit concern though, I just contact the seller directly.

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