MAM Seller Lead/Sale Process


Rep questions/leads should be directed to [email protected]. This address consists of Sloan, Parkey, Mandi, Carleen, Chuck, and Emily. Inquiries/Leads will be vetted and identified as support needs or leads.

  • Support Needs will be managed by Leadership
  • Leads will be distributed to MAM Sellers


MAM contacts interested party by phone within 24 hours.  If unable to reach by phone, send templated follow up email based upon products interested in. Information and templates  with phone scripts and follow up emails can be found here:

PATH: clp-netapp-b\Total Loyalty\Merchants\Maintenance\Maintenance Templates\MAM Seller-Sales Initiative

  1. Enter lead as an “Opportunity” in Sales Force:

a) Log into Sales Force (must use Vericast onelogin, access must be provided for Sale Force)
b) Select “Opportunities” from the choices listed
c) Select “New” on upper right
d) Opportunity name “TLS lead”
e) Use search in “Account name” to find account, if not already in sales force you may add
f) Drop down menu choose lead source “TLS”
g) Close date – 6 weeks from date you are entering the Opportunity
h) Identify “stage” of sale, typically new leads are set at Stage 1 “Prospect” unless you have spoken to the merchant and set time to make presentation OR have made presentation. (Note – Once sale is closed/lost or Closed/won the stage should be changed in Sales Force.)
i) Save Opportunity

2. Record “Activity” in Sales Force:

Upon logging into Sales Force your list of Opportunities is visible.  Each time a merchant is contacted it should be recorded as “Activity” in Sales Force. There should be (2) entries for each Activity, (1) call & (1) follow up email. You may email directly from Sales Force by choosing option “Email” located next to “Log a call”. The emails will not be visible in your Outlook and have to be referenced from Sales Force. Typically contact is made on Sales Lead 2x week for first (2) weeks then weekly afterward for 4 weeks.

a) Select merchant from list of Opportunities
b) Opportunity opens, all merchant information is visible
c) Choose “Activity”
d) Select “Log a call”
e) On the right hand side, a box will open

Subject: Call

Type: choose “call” if contact by phone or “email” if contact is by email (NOTE: contact should be made by phone first, then follow up email)

Due date: today’s date – no action needed unless you are noting previous contact with merchant

Comments: add action taken i.e. LMTC cell phone or sent follow up email noting who you attempted contact & reason

Related to: no action , business name appears here

Contact: begin typing name of contact and info will populate from customer info on file or if different than ESP you may enter contact, it doesn’t change anything is ESP

Priority: no action needed

Select “SAVE

PATH: clp-netapp-b\Total Loyalty\Merchants\Maintenance\Maintenance Templates\MAM Seller-Sales Initiative

  • Selling Tips: 1 – Training
  • Marketing & Rates Sheets: 3 – Marketing Sheets
  • Launch Process: 4 – Contract and Onboarding


  1. Go to to enter your sale into the CMAG order entry system
  2. Enter Customer # or Customer Name, City, and Zip Code and hit Search

*NOTE: Anyone in TLS can now request new businesses be added into ESP by emailing TLS Finance ([email protected]). All requests must contain the following information:

+ business name
+ full address
+ phone
+ email
+ commissionable sales rep

3. Then select the Box in the upper right-hand corner that says +New Order

4. Under Order Menu select TLS Package

5. Under New TLS Package, hit the drop down and select the package you just sold by selecting the Package box. Your choices will be Mobile App, Email Marketing, Website Services, Mobile App & Email, Mobile App & Website, Email & Website, or Mobile App, Email & Website. Once you do, all the other boxes will populate with the appropriate fees to be charged to the merchant for the package you sold.
*NOTE: The system does not automatically update the monthly fee for a Multi-Location App. It needs to be adjusted manually to the full price.

6. Add a point of contact with a phone number and then add a best time to reach.
7. In the Internal Notes section, add the words, “Sold By (Your Name) as TLS Seller” and hit Save in the upper right hand corner.

8. Once you do that, you will be taken to this page where you will hit the “Validate” button.
9. Then a box will pop up that asks, “Is this order complete and ready to be submitted”. If your order is complete and ready to submit, hit Yes.

10. You will also need to ask your merchant how they plan on making the payment to acquire their new product. Their choices will be Check, Credit Card or ACH. If the merchant has a credit card on file then great, you can choose it under the dropdown box if it appears. If there is no credit card listed, then inform the merchant to call the Secure Payment Center ASAP in order to have it added to their account. If a client wants to pay with ACH, they need to fill out the ACH form and provide a picture of a voided check. No need to mail anything in.
11. Lastly, in the notes section, add the words “Sold By (Your Name) as TLS Seller”.
12. Once that is done, hit the green box in the upper right hand corner.

13. In the contact Signer box on the right hand side, select the authorized contact and then hit the green Submit box in the upper right hand corner.

14. That’s it! Your order is entered, you’re done! You should see this screen next.

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