MENUFY: Quick Links

Submit a Registration to Menufy

Use this link to submit a registration to Menufy for online ordering.

Menufy Manager

to Access a merchants Menufy cms

Menufy Status Report

This report will provide an up-to-date status (within a 2 hour window) of your clients online ordering status

View Menufy Client Orders, and Bank Deposit Reports

View and run report on merchants customer orders, and back deposit schedules.

Menufy Ongoing Merchant Support 

Who should my client contact for ongoing Menufy support?

Commonly-Asked-Questions 4-11-17

* For internal only. Please do not send this to your clients.

Menufy TLS OPs Training pdf

Menufy training outline or TLS Ops

Menufy Onboarding Client Questionnaire

Use this Client Questionnaire to help guide you through your phone conversation with your client. NOTE: DO not send this form to your client or to the rep. It is for * INTERNAL USE ONLY.

Menufy Client Program Review 

Be sure your client understands these 5 key points of the Menufy program.

Menufy Sales Information & Details

Please use these documents to share Menufy information and details with your clients

Adding Google Analytics Tracking to the Menufy URL

We monitor Menufy traffic from the TLS mobile App. To do this we must add this additional line of code to the Menufy URL in the client CMS.

How to Add Online Ordering to an App

These are the steps to take when adding Menufy, or another online ordering service, to your clients App

Menufy Daily Deposit Schedule

Your client might ask about when they’ll receive their deposits. This schedule outlines transactions vs. deposits to their account.

How is my customer’s payout calculated?

This post outlines how tax, tips, and customer fee is calculated before payout (deposit) is posted to your clients account

How to Accept Coupons or Promo Codes with online ordering?

Menufy does not currently accept coupons or promo codes online at time of purchase, however, there is a way to offer them, but it’s a bit cumbersome for now… 

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