Zuppler Online Ordering FAQ’s

Below is a list of common Q & A’s from our merchants about their online ordering program with TLS. If you run into any other common questions that are not already on this list, please send them to Mandi Boas.

How do we make changes to orders?

Once an order is placed by the customer and sent to you to prepare, you will first need to confirm the order (even if there are changes to be made). You will then need to call support at 1-866-509-7127 and request a change to the order and it will be taken care of by our support team. Unfortunately, there is no way to adjust an order on your own.

Who is Zuppler? Why did I just receive an email from Zuppler regarding an account?

Zuppler is Total Loyalty Solutions’ online ordering technology partner that assists in handling support for our customers and their programs in our absence.

This means if you call Total Loyalty’s online ordering support line after hours, or when our representatives are busy helping other clients, someone from Zuppler will answer your call and assist you.

Our partnership with Zuppler ensures our customers always have support.

How do I edit my delivery zones?

Please contact support with your request, at 1-866-509-7127 or [email protected]

What is a chargeback and what should I do about it?

A chargeback occurs when a customer contacts their credit card company and disputes a charge. This could be for a variety of reasons, but often they do not recognize the charge on their statement. What will happen is our financial team will be notified. They will reach out to you with the information and ask that you contact the customer directly and attempt to resolve the issue by a certain date. If the issue is not resolved, then our finance team will send a dispute with the necessary proof to the credit card company to show that the charge is valid. Fees are imposed to your business to handle chargebacks, in addition to any funds lost if the customer wins the dispute. 

There are steps you can take to reduce the number of chargebacks that you receive, or to eliminate being responsible for the financial losses all together. If you are interested in more information, please contact us at [email protected]

Can I add emails or fax numbers as a backup?

Yes! If you ever need backup notifications for any reason, contact us at 1-866-509-7127 or [email protected] Tell us which email(s) must receive notifications, and we can set it up rather quickly. If you’d like to add fax notifications, please provide your fax number, though please note that faxes are $0.10 each and an additional $0.10 for the IVR call. 

Is there someplace I can view orders without having the confirmation device?

Yes! We have a Customer Service website that you can access using the same login credentials given to you when you launched your program (same credentials that you use to access reporting). For more information, please contact us at 1-866-509-7127 or [email protected]

How do you work with Delivery Services?

Unfortunately, we are not currently working with 3rd party delivery services.

How do I print more than one receipt from my printer? (This is valid only for the older style printers; not with the new Eatabit printers)

From your device, go to Menu > Manage Device > Order List > Confirmed Orders > Scroll down to the order in question and hit Print. 

If you would like to set a default # of prints, higher than one, follow these steps:

  1. Press Menu key on the bottom left corner of the main screen.
  2. Using the green “ok” button, select Manage Device.
  3. On the keypad, use the down arrow key to select Settings.
  4. Select General Settings.
  5. Select Number of Prints.
  6. Enter the # of prints.
  7. Press the green “ok” button to save, or use the save key in the bottom left corner of the screen.

*You can use the red ‘c’ button to clear your input if you need to. 

How do I print from my TLS tablet?

In order to print from your TLS tablet, you will have to purchase a compatible receipt printer. Unfortunately, we do not carry these but they can be found online. We do offer a data receipt printer if you would be interested in switching the tablet for the printer rather than having both. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information. The compatible printers are listed below: 



The models above are Blue Tooth printers.  To pair you select BT in Order Zupp settings.

You can also use TSP100 or 700 but they must be connected to an Ethernet directly.

Can I call the number at the bottom of the tablet order page?

For support you should always call 1-866-509-7127. While you can call that number, it goes directly to our back-up support service provided by Zuppler, bypassing TLS, and we prefer to service our clients directly when possible.

Why won’t the “Online Ordering is Paused” banner go away?

This means your online ordering menu is paused and is not accepting orders. The banner should disappear when the menu is active again, but at times it will still show. There are no steps you need to follow, but you may login to the control panel to ensure it is on.

Can I pause my ordering? How? 

Yes! You may pause and unpause your online ordering at any time by calling 1-866-509-7127. If you’d like to learn how to do this on your own, let your TLS coach know and we can help.

Why do I have to set a time for each order?

This feature is to ensure that your customers always receive the correct expectations for when their order can be picked up or will be delivered. We are aware that while in some cases you may be able to have orders ready rather quickly, there will always be busy times of the day that you may need some extra time. 

Is tax charged on service fee & delivery charges? 

Yes. Tax is charged on the total amount of the order.

What is the “1X”, “2X” on the printed receipt mean?

This is the quantity of that item that the customer is ordering. For example, if you see 2X Chicken Tenders, that means that the customer would like two orders of the chicken tenders.

What is your hardware exchange policy?

Exchanges are accepted, though please note that the return device will be inspected upon delivery. At that time it will be determined whether or not you are eligible for a credit. We do not accept exchanges or returns of undamaged or defective hardware within 1-year of purchase. Exchanges are not accepted for hardware that is damaged due to misuse, neglect or intentionally altered. Shipping is non-refundable.  Contact [email protected] to coordinate the exchange of hardware. Your new device will be billed by Zuppler directly.

What size paper does my printer take, and how do I load a new roll? (This is valid only for the older style printer and not the new Eatabit printer)

TLS does not sell printer paper.

ZET Paper Specs

Thermal paper

Width: 57mm (2 1/4″)

Outer Dim: 45 mm

Inner Dim: 8-13mm 

When changing your printer paper, it is crucial that you place the paper roller back into the machine properly or your printer will not function. See images below: 

Paper Roller – attached to clear lid 

This roller feeds the paper through the device.  Please do not lose or throw away. A replacement for this roller piece is $110.00. 

What do I do if I need to update my menu?

For menu edits please contact your coach directly. You may also contact our support team by calling 1-866-509-7127 (monitored 24/7) or by emailing [email protected] (monitored Mon-Fri 8am-5pm). 

What is the deposit schedule for my online orders?

Unless you have a marketplace account which receives deposits on a nightly basis, deposits are submitted to your bank every Monday, each week. Banks usually take 2-3 business days to process the deposit. Holidays may cause delays. If you do not see your deposit, please contact your bank first. If they have no record of an incoming deposit, we will happily look into this for you.

Last updated 1/16/19

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