Zuppler Order Notification Options

TLS Online Ordering – Order Notification Options

  1. Data Printer (Eatabit)
    1. Cost: $200 for the device + $20 per month for data fee
    2. Reliable device, no reported issues to-date
  2. WiFi Tablet
    1. Cost: $165
    2. If you do not have reliable WiFi, this would not be recommended.
    3. No print option unless you purchase your own compatible printer. (Details upon request).
  3. Text
    1. Cost: 5 cents per text
    2. Can add as many cell phone numbers as you’d like.
    3. Easy to confirm orders via this method.
    4. No print option.
  4. Email
    1. Cost: free
    2. Can add as many email addresses as you’d like, but only one would need to confirm the order.
    3. Downside is that your email would need monitored constantly. Could be inconvenient during busy hours as it requires more steps to confirm the order.
    4. While our support team is available as a back up resource to ensure that orders are not missed, an excess amount of support notification assistance will require that automated IVR calls be put into place. See fee below.
  5. Fax
    1. Cost: 10 cents per fax
  6. IVR Call
    1. Cost: 10 cents per call
    2. This can be an add-on to Email or Fax notifications.
    3. Very convenient and easy to confirm orders. Anyone at the restaurant can confirm the order on the call so one person does not need to do all of the monitoring of incoming orders.
    4. May tie up phone lines depending on how busy you are.

*Please note that the WiFi and Data ZET’s are no longer available and have been discontinued due to being unreliable.

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