Zuppler Eatabit Printers

COST: They are $270 to include shipping (unless expedited shipping is requested, and that tacks on about $50 – $65 dollars on top of the base price (from Neida on 9/27/21)

NOTE: The below information is for the Eatabit Printers only, NOT the ZET printers.

Do locate printer…

  • In high visibility area (countertop)
  • Near Telephone or Point of Sale System
  • Near Standard Power Outlet

Do NOT locate printer…

  • Near large equipment (margarita machine, fan etc.)
  • Near water/other liquids
  • Near heat sources (heat lamps, ovens, fryers)

Before leaving location:

  1. Ensure LCD Display Signal Meter remains steady at 20% or greater signal strength
  2. Have HQ send MULTIPLE test orders
  3. Show manager how to print
  4. Show manager how to change Fulfillment time
  5. Show manager where extra paper rolls are located


Please ensure your restaurants only use 3 1/8” x 119’ size THERMAL paper.  Some restaurants have this size in stock, while others use a larger diameter roll.

Here’s the fastest way to get it, via Amazon prime, at this link;


It’s also available a bit cheaper (but slower) direct from the distributor at this link;


Also, many Staples, Office Depot, WalMart and Sam’s Club stores carry that size as well.  You’ll get ~ 160 printed orders per roll. If you are using the automatic double-print feature, you’ll get 80+ orders per roll.

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