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If you are ever working in the Control Panel of a merchant’s menu, you may know that you are able to pull up a “Preview” of the menu. This view has a couple of different options and is mainly used when proofing out to a merchant before they have a live menu on their website, but may also be used as a quick way to check on the live version if you need to check for functionality or to quickly see an update you just made, etc.

Here is the button:

Once the preview menu appears, you will see a couple of buttons at the top that begin with Web, followed by a number, as shown below:

There are currently 3 Web versions: Web3, Web4, and Web5. While on Web5 version, you will not see that button as an available option and instead will only see the 3 and 4 buttons just like in the picture. Web5 is the default view when accessing the preview menu.

What is the difference?

Web3 is the version that we use to proof out to a merchant. The reason this version is used for proofing is because this version is not affected by days or times and will always show the entire menu at any given time. Items can be clicked through completely without the system ever blocking you because, for example, you are trying to look at a Monday Special menu, on a Tuesday. This view is also not affected by whether or not ordering is paused. This is the most efficient method for proofing out. A live active ordering page that customers of a business would order from, will NEVER be a Web3 version.

Web4 is what majority of our merchants are currently operating their live menus under. This version looks significantly different from the Web3 version because this version is meant to show more of a similar appearance and functionality of a live menu without any customization as far as colors and design. This is not an efficient preview for proofing purposes as this version is affected by days and times which were mentioned above in Web3, as well as whether or not a menu is paused. In those cases, you may not even be able to see the entire menu, let alone test it’s functionality.

Web5 is the most recent updated version of live online ordering menus. For the same reasons as Web4, this is not an efficient version for proofing. This menu looks very much like Web4 with some upgrades to the appearance and functionality of modifiers. This upgrade mainly just affects pizza joints, though could come into play in some other scenarios, but rarely so. The configuration of Web5 modifiers is also completely different than the way you may be accustomed to building modifiers. Please ask for help if you need to utilize this feature.

As far as Web4 vs Web5 appearances, in Web4 we are used to seeing a long list of modifiers for pizza toppings. There would be a list for left half, a second list for right half, and yet a third list for whole toppings. (See sample here: Uptown Bistro Web4 Pizza view). In Web5, the update allows the modifiers to show as one list with the option to simply select, left half, right half, or whole, directly below the topping itself (See sample here. You will have to select a pizza size in order to see the modifier: Uptown Bistro Web4 Pizza view). Essentially, it has condensed 3 duplicated lists of toppings for customers to filter through, into one list.

There are unfortunately some nuances to Web5 as far as how they will affect current clients operating under Web4 once they are updated to the new Web5 version, but those are being ironed out.

For further questions, clarifications, or If you find anything odd once upgrades start happening to your merchants live programs, please contact Mandi Boas.

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