Zuppler WiFi and Data ZET’s (Printers)

NOTE: The below information is for the ZET’s only, NOT the Eatabit printers.

WiFi or Data ZET’s – Receipt Paper Specs and How to Replace

TLS does not sell printer paper, but it can be purchased by the client from Amazon or other Office type stores.

ZET Paper Specs

Thermal paper

Width: 57mm (2 1/4″)

Outer Dim: 45 mm

Inner Dim: 8-13mm

When changing your printer paper, it is crucial that you place the paper roller back into the machine properly or your printer will not function.

Paper Roller – attached to clear lid

This roller feeds the paper through the device.  Please do not lose or throw away. A replacement for this roller piece is $110.00. Your device will not be eligible for a return or exchange if you do not want to purchase a new roller bar.



How do I print more than one receipt from my printer?

From your device, go to Menu > Manage Device > Order List > Confirmed Orders > Scroll down to the order in question and hit Print.

If you would like to set a default # of prints, higher than one, follow these steps:

Press Menu key on the bottom left corner of the main screen.

Using the green “ok” button, select Manage Device.

On the keypad, use the down arrow key to select Settings.

Select General Settings.

Select Number of Prints.

Enter the # of prints.

Press the green “ok” button to save or use the save key in the bottom left corner of the screen.

*You can use the red ‘c’ button to clear your input if you need to.



What is the “1X”, “2X” on the printed receipt mean?

This is the quantity of that item that the customer is ordering. For example, if you see 2X Chicken Tenders, that means that the customer would like two orders of the chicken tenders.



Why do I have to set a time for each order?

This feature is to ensure that your customers always receive the correct expectations for when their order can be picked up or will be delivered. We are aware that while in some cases you may be able to have orders ready rather quickly, there will always be busy times of the day that you may need some extra time.


Can I change the format or font on the receipt?

Unfortunately the receipts are not able to be customized in any way.

ZET Troubleshooting

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