Zuppler WiFi Tablets (OrderZupp App)

A merchant does not have to purchase a Zuppler tablet in order to use the OrderZupp App. If they already have or would like to purchase their own Android tablet, they may use that and install this App.

The tablet we offer is:

Tablet:Samsung Galaxy Tab E Elite 7.0 Black

(Note: The tablet must be a true Android tablet and we may be unable to troubleshoot devices that have not been purchased through us.)

Can I print from my TLS tablet?

In order to print from your TLS tablet, you will have to purchase a compatible receipt printer. Unfortunately, we do not carry these, but they can be found online. We do offer a data receipt printer if you would be interested in exchanging the tablet for the printer.

If you wish to purchase a compatible printer, they are listed below: 



The models above are Blue Tooth printers.  To pair you select BT in Order Zupp settings.

You can also use TSP100 or 700 but they must be connected to an Ethernet directly.


Can I call the number at the bottom of the tablet order page?

While you can call that number, it goes directly to our back-up support service provided by Zuppler, bypassing TLS, and we prefer to service our clients directly when possible. Please contact your TLS coach for assistance first, and then use that number as a backup option for emergency situations outside of TLS office hours.


Why does my tablet say that my ordering is paused?

Unfortunately this is a glitch of the App and will often show this banner even when your menu is not paused. While inconvenient, please ignore this banner and rest assured that this may not be accurate. If ever unsure, you may login to your CP and check the Tickets page to see the status of your ordering. Of course you may always contact your TLS coach to confirm.


Why do I have to set a time for each order?

This feature is to ensure that your customers always receive the correct expectations for when their order can be picked up or will be delivered. We are aware that while in some cases you may be able to have orders ready rather quickly, there will always be busy times of the day that you may need some extra time.


What is the “1X”, “2X” on the order mean?

This is the quantity of that item that the customer is ordering. For example, if you see 2X Chicken Tenders, that means that the customer would like two orders of the chicken tenders.

Tablet Troubleshooting

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