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Credit card processing through Zuppler is about to get even better, and at a lower cost to you! We have forged a new parthership with Worldpay to lower your cost and improve the user experience for your guests. By migrating your processing to Worldpay, you will:

Key World Pay Benefits for Clients:

  • Better rates 2.75% plus .25¢ vs 3% – Save money with lower credit card processing fees – 2.75% + $0.25 per transaction for V/M/D and Amex. This will equate to a savings of .06% and $.05 per transaction, or $325 for every $5,000 in orders. Braintree clients rates are expected to go up to 3.2% plus .30¢
  • 100% white labeled, merchant branded guest check out and payment throughout the whole check out process
  • Customers will see your name appear on their credit card statements, minimizing potential for questions and chargebacks. Expect chargebacks to drop when customers see your merchants’ names on charge. You can set up email and text alerts on chargebacks through WP if wanted
  • Clients will get their money faster
  • Receive payment don a daily basis. Normal funding schedule is 2 days. Transactions that are run on Monday are funded to the merchant on Wednesday. This is assuming that the merchant batches out by Tuesday at 4am EST.
  • Next-Day Funding gets funding to the merchant the next day. The merchant will need to batch out earlier, at 8pm EST though.  

 World Pay Process for Clients:

  • Merchants will be contacted by WP via text or email through sales depts for onboarding.
  • Once an account is set up, an invitation to iQ will be sent to each of the client signers
  • Once onboarded, clients will be able to access an Ecommerce Portal for WP through accessmyiq.com
  • Questions on any issues or iQ walkthroughs (no invite received, log in issues etc.) can be directed to 1.800.846.4472 option 1 for assistance or WP sales contact
  • Disputes ie chargebacks -can be resolved through iQ or through WP Disputes team 1.800.667.9573 or at [email protected]

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