APP: CMS – Known Issue – Home Screen

Q – I’ve replaced an app home screen but the new home screen won’t show up or the home screen shows as grey?

Answer – Adding any special characters or spaces (other than an underscore) in the home screen file name will cause this problem.  A short list of some of the characters that are not permitted in filenames.

  • Apostrophes ‘
  • Commas ,
  • Spaces (Underscores are ok),
  • Accents (ex: Café)

Q – I’m on the home screen on an IOS device and the bottom right up facing carat is missing?  

Answer – This is a 3.02 version app problem. It has been resolved will show again in the next app release.

Q – My IOS device isn’t showing the tool bar colors correctly?   

Answer – This appears to have been a recently introduced problem. This has been reported to tech and a solution is known and being added to for a future release.

Q – My dev app is loading with a grey home screen and a limited nav bar?  

Answer – This was a past problem that was resolved that has been apparently re-introduced recently. Tech is working on a resolution.  Until then please swipe away and close the app and reopen. This should resolve the home screen load problem.

Q – I cannot change the previous home screen we used?  

Answer – The home screen graphic may have been changed and not renamed or originally named using a special character in the filename. Renaming the new home screen graphic using good naming conventions and reload it. This should correct the problem.

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