RESOURCES: How to Update Google Listing

To claim a listing:

  1. Go to
  2. Login with google account
  3. Click ‘Add location’
  4. Fill out the answers to the questions, which will allow google to find the business
  5. You will then be prompted to choose a way to verify that you are authorized to manage the listing (this will either be via a phone call or text to the phone number that google has on file for the business, an email to the email address that google has on file for the business, or sometimes they offer a snail mail option that would be mailed directly to the business.
  6. Once ownership of the listing has been established, you will see what looks like a profile page that has all editable fields that show on the listing itself in google.
  7. Anytime an edit needs made, simply log back into the website provided in step 1, click on the business, and edit the fields on the profile page.

If the Google Business Listing has already been claimed, the only thing one can do is to request access to the listing from the owner. This would be done by following steps 1-3 above. At this point, Google will tell you that the business has already been claimed and it will give you an option to send a request to the owner (it doesn’t tell you who the owner is or what their contact info is). Most times the owner will reject the request. In either case, you will get an email telling you what the owner’s response was.

If they approve your request, you would then follow step 1-2 above, and then skip to step 7.

If they are rejected, there are further steps they can take but this is not something we do for our merchants. Please contact Mandi Boas for questions/help.

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