App Content Minimum Requirements

Since Apple has tightened up their guidelines for Apps allowed into the App store, TLS has also passed along some minimum content requirements for our merchants wishing to have a TLS App. The reason is because Apple was beginning to reject our Apps due to limited functionality and interactivity for end-users.

All Apps being submitted or re-submitted to the App stores must contain the following minimum content:

  • Full Menu/Products/Services module (Only one is needed, and the type will depend on the business. An online ordering link is acceptable in place of the Menu module)
  • One Download Incentive
  • Minimum of One Punch Card
  • Minimum of Two Coupons
  • Minimum of Eight images in the Gallery
  • Minimum of Three Specials
  • Contact Us Form (If the merchant does not have their own through their website, ask Chuck to create a Contact Us Wufoo form)


Please do not update or add any of the above to your merchant’s App without receiving merchant approval first.


Please make sure all URL’s are marked as “In-App Webviewer” as long as it looks good and functions well that way. Remember that all TLS OO links need to be external so please do not change them to In-App.

Facebook URL’s – if the FB link directs to a page that says you must login in order to view ANY content, such as not even being able to like or follow the page, this will need removed from the App until it is through submission. Apple will reject many/most links that require a secondary login, but will always (from experience so far) reject FB links of this type.

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