APP: 3.61 Release

Release notes: Fixes and Enhancements in version 3.61.

  • Logging added to code to troubleshoot an issue if it reoccurs (ex: clicking “Use Location” opens merchant website)
  • Viewing coupons on Android OS 7.0 or above shows a broken image – FIXED
  • Location selection now locked in on Android devices on first install
  • Location of user doesn’t change based on location additions and deletions in CMS
  • Cosmetic Issue: Notification Sidebar link not justified – FIXED
  • Home screen text placement padding added so text doesn’t run up against App edge
  • Content update intervals changed to (5 minutes for already open devices) and (fresh app open @ 1 minute)
  • Single location Apps now show correct location screen on Android. No longer displaying incorrect split, multi-loc screen.
  • If a location is deleted in the CMS, and you are a user assigned to it, App now prompts message “Your selected location is no longer avail, please select another”
  • URL, HTML & List Module items now can be “not assigned” to a location and not show on the app sidebar menu.
  • An apostrophe in a Merchant’s name on the provisioning server caused a slash to display on the App desktop icon name on Android devices – FIXED
  • Sidebar menu spacing made tighter and closer than last release
  • Iphone X- Support

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