MAMS: Ideas for Downloads

Use these ideas for helping your merchants get more downloads.

And if any of your merchants use one of these ideas, please share with us so we can share it with others or possibly on the TLS Facebook page!

Scavenger Hunt (Anthony/Ryan)

What the customer sees:

Push goes out leading to Specials: “It’s National Scavenger Hunt Day! Wanna play a game and win a FREE PRIZE? Tap here and look for the triple stars ***!”

Text “hidden” in the top special: “***You found it! Now visit the Gallery Section of our app” (links to gallery)

Top image in Gallery is a silly picture of the owner holding a plate of spaghetti with a big arrow over the photo pointing to the spaghetti that says “Here’s your clue! Tap the Menu tab!”

Inside Spaghetti’s description it says this “Almost there…can you taste it? Look for a clue in the Catering section!” (links to catering)

Inside Catering “Great job! You’re good at this, just one more step away! Tap the coupon section to find your reward!!”

Coupon: YOU DID IT! Present this coupon for a FREE APP-ETIZER!

How we promote it to our merchants:

If you like the idea, we’ll create an email we can send to all TLS merchants to promote the idea and include a link to a slide show of a phone graphic showing each of the steps above.

Concierge clients will be contacted by their coaches offering to set it up for them.

Zendesk clients can set up their own based on the example from the slide show or contact the Coach’s Desk for ideas.

Teaser to help ensure customers’ apps are updated:

Anthony brought up a good point.  Sometimes an app will not update automatically or quickly.  So we could set up the scavenger hunt and lead to a “fake” coupon that says “You made it! Check back on May 24th for your coupon!”.


Trivia Question Push Notification (Anthony/Ryan)

Come in with correct answer, get a discount.  Put the question on the coupon so you can spell out the disclaimers.

Password Push

Let customers know you’ll be sending a push each day with a code word.  At the end of the week, come in with all of the code words and get a prize/discount.

POS Receipts
(Jess Ide)

Ask clients to add note on bottom of receipt about their app program. QR code

Market To Local Businesses & Schools

Create email that can be forwarded to school or company office, ask them to send it to all students, employees.

Offer in app discount to local businesses & schools, post signs in employee break rooms & college billboards, ask business or school to promote it in their newsletters, Facebook pages, etc.


Name Menu Items After The App (Ali)

Get an extra discount on those items if you are a Mobile App VIP.

Social Post Winners

Random winners chosen from people who share the businesses post about their App.

Post a selfie next to promo materials (table tent, poster) mentioning the app, show to staff and get a punch.

Referral Offers

Bring a friend who downloads then and there, they get the DL offer plus something extra and the person bringing the friend gets a special discount.

Get a punch for every customer you refer.  This could work at tanning salons, beauty salons, etc. who can keep this info in their POS.

Give customers app download cards to hand out at work, school, etc. They could put their name on it and customer could show.

Multi Unit Competition

Send weekly update of downloads per location, create friendly competition or encourage contact to award locations that get the most downloads.

In App Games
(Anthony Ryan)

Give discounts for customers who use in app games.  Draw the best pizza, get a free kids meal, take a screen shot of your high score and get X off if over X.

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