ZUPPLER: How To Pause Online Ordering

If you have a merchant that has Zuppler/TLS Online Ordering and they want to  pause the ordering themselves at their own convenience please give them the instructions attached/below

  1. Log into the Zuppler/TLS OO Control Panel:
  2. On the main screen, hover over the top section that includes the business name/logo. A button will appear that allows you to “Pause Online Ordering” – Click on that.
  3. Select how long you would like to pause your ordering – Until tomorrow morning, Until next week, Limited for (X) day(s) and (X) hour(s), or Unlimited. If you choose Unlimited, you will need to resume the ordering manually at a later time.
  4. Once option is selected, please click on the red button that says “Pause Online Ordering”

This may be useful for them if they are opening later or closing early due to a holiday or weather event.

AFTER HOURS SUPPORT: 1-866-509-7127

MERCHANT LOG IN: The merchant’s “owner” log in for the Zuppler/TLS Online Ordering Control Panel can be found on the merchant’s Trello card. This should be accurate unless the merchant has since changed their password.

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