How to Transfer Our App to a New Developer After Cancellation

Q: Can we transfer a TLS App to a new developer?

A: Yes, it is very easy to transfer. Send these 2 things from the merchant to Carleen:
Apple ID
Team ID

Q: Does the merchant get our entire working App once transferred?

A: No. They do receive the App, but it’s an empty shell of the App. They don’t get any data packages, content, guts. We are really only transferring the App NAME to the business so they can replace our App with a new one of their own making.

If a merchant is asking for the App to be transferred, most likely they have a developer on their team and they will understand fully what we are giving them. There shouldn’t be any surprises for them. Ultimately, they upload a new IPA file which replaces our old/dead App with their brand new one.

Q: How does Carleen go about transferring our App?

A: When Carleen transfers an App from TLS to a merchant’s dev account, it is the same as when she transfers an App from TLS to a Apple dev account that we (TLS) create, but it’s much easier and a lot less steps are involved. The act of transferring an App is available to all Apple Dev Account owners, not just TLS.

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