APP: 3.61 Release – Known Issue (App Crash on Devices under IOS 11)

If an iOS device is on any version under iOS 11 trying to open an App that is on 3.61, the user will experience an “App Crash”. The device will open the App to display the splash screen for a few seconds, and then close immediately. 

If you or your merchant are seeing this, please verify the version of the current iOS operating system.  The current iOS software should be 11.4.1.  If the device is running anything under iOS 11, it will need to be updated. Once the operating system is updated, you should be able to install and open the app.

Below is verbiage to send to your merchant/customer if/when they contact you about it.

Verbiage to send to your Merchant/Customer if/when they contact you:

As you may know, we recently resubmitted your App to the App Stores for an update. Our latest version meets Apple’s industry standards and allows us to provide you with new features and functionality. However, with the new update, Apple devices operating on outdated iOS software may not properly open the App. If you or a customer are experiencing this, simply update your or their iOS version from the device’s settings. Please note that Apple’s newest version of its mobile operating system (iOS 11) is only compatible with 64-bit devices, meaning the iPhone 5c (along with the iPhone 5 and iPad4) do not support the software update.  

If you have any questions about this information, feel free to reach out.

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