MAMS: Finance Hold Warnings

You may receive emails from Sloan looping you into email threads from Finance alerting us that our merchants will be put on hold by a certain date if payment is not resolved by then . When you receive this email, please forward it along with the below verbiage.

TO: Merchant
CC: Rep, Collections, Finance, Emily McCardell, TLS Milestones
Subject Line: URGENT: Response Required (Business Name-Acct#)

(Merchant), Please see the email below. It has come to my attention that our Finance Department needs to get in contact with you regarding payment for your TLS program. In order to keep your program live and continue providing you uninterrupted service, please contact our Finance Department as soon as possible using one of the options below. Thank you!

EMAIL: Finance Department: [email protected]
CALL: Secure Payment Center: (866) 509-0021

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