Menufy Partnership (Ended 1/14/22)

EMAIL TO MERCHANTS/REPS (sent on 1/19/22 11am EST):

Dear Valued Customer,

First and foremost, thank you for your partnership.

Total Loyalty Solutions will no longer be partnering with Menufy as of January 14, 2022. If you are currently using Menufy and have online ordering questions/concerns, please contact Menufy directly at 913-738-9399 or [email protected]

Whether you have been advertising with us for many years, or for only a short time, we truly appreciate your business. We continue to offer high-quality, marketing solutions including magazines, postcards, inserts, email loyalty campaigns, mobile applications, website design/hosting, digital display, and connected TV.

Please feel free to reach out to your customer support coach with any questions or you may call Total Loyalty Solutions at 866-509-0022.

Total Loyalty Solutions Merchant Support Team

Aston Pizza Company 341705 Ali Norma Gaupp [email protected]
Big Apple Bagels 334401 Ali Abraham Bachman [email protected]
Bistro 1051 – NJ 188323 Ali Diane Cioffi [email protected]
Blue Agave Ohio 362760 Ali Derek Morris [email protected]
Bridge Inn Pleasantville 353143 Ali Michele Barron [email protected]
Buzzy’s Food & Spirits 383531 Ali Shelley Brownbridge [email protected]
Castillo Real Mexican Cocina 366449 Ali Mark Barlowe [email protected]
Christina Wan’s 95119 Ali David Lipp [email protected]
Cravings Gourmet Market 15109 Ali Judy Lombardi [email protected]
Doughboys Wood Fired Pizza 345562 Ali Kerry Allmers [email protected]
El Reposo 380503 Ali Mark Barlowe [email protected]
El Rodeo 10462383 Ali Kia Hostetler [email protected]
El Vaquero 349732 Ali Derek Morris [email protected]
Fiesta Mexico Bar & Grill 163840 Ali Kia Hostetler [email protected]
Ginza Japanese Cuisine 229574 Ali Christine Conroy [email protected]
Giovanni’s Pizza & Restaurant 233007 Ali Abraham Bachman [email protected]
La Nopalera – Roosevelt 540555 Ali Nancy Apple [email protected]
La Nopalera – San Marco 262528 Ali Nancy Apple [email protected];[email protected]
Mangia! Italian Restaurant 224584 Ali Michele Barron [email protected]
My Favorite Muffin 383410 Ali Abraham Bachman [email protected]
Nyree’s Restaurant 549898 Ali Samantha McCully [email protected]
Original Italian Pie-Kenner 62193 Ali Rhonda Caminita [email protected]
Palacio Maya 249634 Ali Kia Hostetler [email protected]
Stewartstown Smokehouse 357820 Ali Abraham Bachman [email protected]
The Pizza Heist 343706 Ali Sandra Kelly [email protected]
Tokyo Sushi III 227462 Ali Christine Conroy [email protected]
Tres Amigos Ringgold 269609 Ali William Rector [email protected]
Antonio’s Pizzeria 379797 Chris Abraham Bachman [email protected]
Beef Villa 22257 Chris Christine Kauffman [email protected]
Cafe Salsa 96920 Chris Leslie Goyne [email protected]
Calcutta Wrap & Roll 270423 Chris Maria Bianchi [email protected]
Capone 271057 Chris Elizabeth Perman [email protected]
Central Pizza 547957 Chris Abraham Bachman [email protected]
Coco Loco MI 329700 Chris Sloan Winters [email protected]
Dom’s Pizzeria 200120 Chris Missy Zavacky  [email protected]
Dos Gringos 324967 Chris Stephanie Heart [email protected]
Koi Sushi & Hibachi 346694 Chris Kerry Allmers [email protected]
Ledo’s Pizza 234507 Chris Leslie Goyne [email protected]
Los Amigos – Don Juan 379796 Chris Jamasb Sokansanj [email protected]
McGonigle’s Pub & Grill 201948 Chris Jamasb Sokansanj [email protected]
Mr. Fuji Japanese Steakhouse 339120 Chris Mark Barlowe [email protected]
Papa Joe’s 258007 Chris Nicole Devvit [email protected]
Randazzo’s Pizza & Pasta 374422 Chris Amanda Valentin [email protected]
Saka Mori 548970 Chris Steven Friedman [email protected]
San Diego Mexican Restaurant 366839 Chris Mark Barlowe [email protected]
Sfizio Pizza On A Whim 366857 Chris Jennifer Calvosa [email protected]
Shogun Japanese Steakhouse -PA 195906 Chris Richard Bedesem [email protected]
Slater’s 272042 Chris Mike Boermeester   [email protected]
Sumo Japanese Restaurant 220151 Chris Steve Friedman [email protected]
Surf City Sandwhich 543014 Chris Kimberly Waddell [email protected]
Sushi Express – NMB 186796 Chris Steven Friedman [email protected]
Tomo 427042 Chris Robert Bray [email protected]
Tomo Poke Bowl 436727 Chris Robert Bray [email protected]
Tres Potrillos Mexican Restaurant 373076 Chris Derek Morris [email protected]
Yakko San 155502 Chris Steven Friedman [email protected]
Your Pizza Stop 539332 Chris Mark Perez [email protected]
Akasaka Japanese Restaurant 545682 Court Janice Chalhoub [email protected]
Amici’s 256728 Court Sherri Casolino [email protected]
Beirut Restaurant & Spirits 348639 Court Nancy Apple [email protected]
Calvert Crabs 534415 Court Ronda Ward [email protected]
Caruso 119518 Court Jill Alexander [email protected]
Dominick’s Pizza – MD 70399 Court Kurt Heimbach [email protected]
Gone With The Wings 254001 Court Steven Gordon [email protected]
Guacamole Restaurant 535010 Court Mary Burns [email protected]
La Parrilla Rotisserie & Grill 220304 Court Dorian Alvarez [email protected]
Memory Lane Pizza 332980 Court Abe Bachman [email protected]
Mimi’s Deli 341719 Court William (Tommy) Rector [email protected]
Modern Restaurant & Lounge 244390 Court Eric Graff [email protected]
Musso’s Pizzeria 58505 Court Abe Bachman [email protected]
OKADA Japanese Restaurant 334617 Court James Yu [email protected]
Ootoya Sushi Restaurant 377889 Court Janice Chalhoub [email protected]
Paisano’s Italian Restaurant 213064 Court Cindy Zydzik [email protected]
Pizza al Bacio 256572 Court Abe Bachman [email protected]
Pizza Box & Hoagie Shop 170863 Court Abe Bachman [email protected]
Sal’s Deerfield Beach Pizzeria 222290 Court Steven Friedman [email protected]
Sal’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant – Dover PA 345898 Court Abe Bachman [email protected]
Sons of Sicily Pizzeria & Grill 248296 Court Abe Bachman [email protected]
Specialty Italian Bistro 251920 Court Robin Thibodeaux [email protected]
Sticky Cactus Mexican Grill 366684 Court Mark Barlowe [email protected]
Sunset Grille PA 2076 Court Beth Salter [email protected]
TAORMINA RESTAURANT 76533 Court Georgi Turer [email protected]
Touch of Italy 132014 Court Abe Bachman [email protected]
Vincenzo’s Pizza – PA 369302 Court Nicole Light [email protected]
Western Sizzlin – Dalton 206023 Court William (Tommy) Rector [email protected]
Western Sizzlin-Fort Smith AR 366952 Court William (Tommy) Rector [email protected]
Western Sizzlin-Pooler GA 346997 Court William (Tommy) Rector [email protected]
Western Sizzlin-Spruce Pine NC 347017 Court William (Tommy) Rector [email protected]
3 Men & A Bagel 19962 Coy Beth Salter [email protected]
A Casa Pizza 190662 Coy Joseph Wilson [email protected]
Alfredo’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant 140278 Coy Nicole Light [email protected]
Calabria Restaurant 362455 Coy Andrea Koonin [email protected]
Double A’s – IL 383303 Coy Sloan Winters [email protected]
Emerald Garden 265673 Coy Abe Bachman [email protected]
Frankie & Augie’Z 179784 Coy Georgi Turer [email protected]
Fredo’s Pizza & Pasta 337487 Coy Rita Jones-Safian [email protected]
Frosty Boy Ice Cream & Pizza & Subs 418596 Coy Brandy Walker [email protected]
Fuji Mountain 547073 Coy Eric Graff [email protected]
Fusion Restaurant and Bar 381118 Coy Mark Barlowe [email protected]
Ginger Garden 168463 Coy Mike Boermeester [email protected]
Great Steak Company 378173 Coy Sloan Winters [email protected]
Gyromania Grill 265728 Coy Sherri Casolino [email protected]
Los Jefes Tortilleria & Grill 364827 Coy Rhonda Caminita [email protected];[email protected]
Mama Pepino’s Pizza 324474 Coy Missy Funyak [email protected]
Messina Pizza & Restaurant 144865 Coy Abe Bachman [email protected]
Peoples Indian Restaurant 97228 Coy Cami Zimmerman [email protected]
Philly Grill Restaurant 364225 Coy Beth Stebel [email protected]
Pizza Post 281887 Coy Deborah Dorfee [email protected]
Raga Indian Cuisine 344440 Coy Maria Bianchi [email protected]
Riccardo’s Restaurant 67414 Coy Don Schoenfeld [email protected]
Solar Do Minho 363158 Coy Steven Gordon [email protected]
Stir Fry Cafe 238554 Coy Rob Bray [email protected]
The Big Easy 235657 Coy Tony Chalhoub [email protected]
Times Square Pizza – FL 363957 Coy David Lipp [email protected]
Treasa’s Pizza & Subs 372206 Coy Amanda Valentin [email protected]
Tres Amigos 186111 Coy Chris Huff [email protected]
551 West 266120 Faye Steven Eberly [email protected]
Ale Pie House 377333 Faye Betsy Newman [email protected]
Alioto Restaurant & Sports Bar 53435 Faye Cami Zimmerman [email protected]
Arelis Italian Restaurant 314300 Faye Beth Salter [email protected]
Basilicos Pizzeria 351636 Faye Ann Marie Kobilinski [email protected]
China Lobster 37860 Faye Melissa Funyak [email protected]
Christopher’s Pizza 10513861 Faye Melissa Funyak [email protected]
Cibo by Illiano 343508 Faye Brooke Gorman [email protected]
Deanna’s 51499 Faye Georgi Turer [email protected]
Egg Roll Express – CA 194389 Faye Denise Christmas-Kociela [email protected]
Joey C’s 345721 Faye Christine Conroy [email protected]
Leo’s Coney 360806 Faye Jamasb Sokansanj [email protected]
Nino’s Pizzeria & Ristorante 91343 Faye Ellen Kepler [email protected]
Okaeri Sushi Hibachi 354109 Faye Scott Roubeck [email protected];[email protected]
Penn Pizza Restaurant 196116 Faye Beth Salter [email protected];[email protected]
Picasso’s Pizza 552609 Faye Dawn Mokros [email protected]
Reese’s Classic Pizza – PA 272472 Faye Ann Marie Kobilinski [email protected]
Taipei Chinese Restaurant 61631 Faye Cami Zimmerman [email protected]
The Boulevard 156505 Faye Christopher Hudak [email protected]
Top Hibachi 343304 Faye Joleen Turer [email protected];[email protected];[email protected]
Venice Cafe & Pizzeria 389041 Faye Melissa Funyak [email protected]
Venice Pizza & Pasta 41215 Faye Ellen Kepler [email protected]
Frank’s Fish and Seafood 380298 Jess Derek Morris [email protected]
Haiku – White Plains 359191 Jess Eric Graff [email protected]
Hamburger Mike’s 384011 Jess Mark Barlowe [email protected]
Hot Pita 416025 Jess Robert Irwin [email protected]
Kira Asian Bistro 156922 Jess Eric Graff [email protected]
Kira Sushi Greenwich 374051 Jess Eric Graff [email protected]
LOUIE & JOHNNIE’S RISTORANTE 70211 Jess Perry Bonner [email protected]
Mexicali Blue 271732 Jess Mark Reifenberg [email protected]

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