When a Merchant Asks for Access to their Yahoo Account


We understand Appleā€™s advice to encourage you to have access to your yahoo account, however, they are unaware that you have us, your trusted TLS provider, managing this process and developer account for you. The yahoo account was created by us, and is managed by us to manage your Apple Developer Account. We keep the access to this account private to our TLS Apple specialist so we can ensure your account remains in a good active status and no actions are mistakenly made in error that could jeopardize the good standing of your account. Apple can be very confusing if you are unaware of their rules and process, so we like to keep this in hands of our Apple expert.

If you were to ever cancel your TLS owned App and wish to take over the management of your merchant owned developer account, we can absolutely send you over the access to the TLS created yahoo email address associated with your merchant owned developer account, but while you have a TLS owned App, we do require your apple developer account remain under this TLS created yahoo account and the management of our TLS Apple specialist. This is universal practice for all of our TLS App merchants so we can ensure uninterrupted support as your App provider.

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