APP: CMS – Creating Links to Other Modules

You can now create a link to jump from one module to another allowing your clients more flexibility to move around within the App. 

NOTE: it is possible to link only to the first landing page of a module. It is not possible to link to a secondary page. For example, linking to the specials page lands you on the first special. You cannot jump to the 2nd or 3rd.

STEP ONE: Locate the link extension for the module you are linking to:

  • Go to “Status” page in the cms
  • Click “Launch Package Analyzer”


STEP TWO: Adding the link in the App.

  • Copy the “Module ID” (i.e. va-events1)
  • Then, add this code to the front of the link extension:  folio://modules/ 

The is the format for your link: folio://modules/ va-events1


STEP THREE: Insert the link in the “insert/edit” window. 


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