APP: 2.93 Release

2.93 was released into the wild on Tuesday 02/23/16. it included the following modifications:

+ Punch Service/independent service layer foundation

  • newly written, fully independent punch card service. call times reduced from 1000ms to 50 ms.
  • Punch redemption table – ‘completed punch record’ now inserts into its own unique table for easier/quicker reporting
  • This should make it easier for merchants to see how many “rewards” they’ve handed out as the data is populated

This is a major enhancement that should provide some much needed speed and reliability to the punch card module.

This is not a guaranteed fix for all merchants but it is a major step in the right direction. true inadequate cell service is still not something we can control.


+ Reporting dashboard added to Merchant CMS

  • Aggregate stats for merchants
  • Punch card information for merchants
  • Push reporting for merchants
  • Coupon redemption information for merchants

This new reporting area will be brought forward with this release but will still be invisible to merchants for the immediate short-term.

Once we have performed final testing with full merchant data it will be made public.

Merchants will no longer need to use the LF merchant app (for TLS). and run their own basic reporting 24/7.


+ App enhancements

  • Notifications button on home screen fix
  • Last content download date on settings screen
  • Call ability from specials screen
  • Ampersands no longer create YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY titles for Android apps
  • Content timer on app checks every 30 minutes for updates and auto-refreshes when new content is available


+ General provisioning admin updates

  • ‘New’ apps will immediately be sent to the app stores utilizing 2.93 as of 02/23/16.
  • All pre-existing apps already in stores will NOT immediately be resubmitted with 2.93 until the first batch has cleared iTunes/Google Play review and we have confirmation that all updates are working as anticipated.


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