TLS Customer Service (Setting Expectations)

Below is an explanation of what our coaching team offers vs what it does not. Please note: there is different wording depending on who you’re emailing (merchant or rep):


Here at TLS, we work as a team! You are the expert of your business, and we are the experts of our digital marketing platforms. When you partner with TLS, you are assigned to a dedicated coach who will work with you to make the most out of your digital marketing platforms.

We are here Monday through Friday 8am-5pm EST to help you plan your campaigns, keep your platforms up to date, and answer any questions you may have. We provide monthly newsletters with reminders of holidays and national days for upcoming months, along with an extensive library of promotional ideas for extra inspiration. We can also provide inspiration from other TLS merchants with similar programs and help groom and guide the content you provide, but it is important to note that we do not curate campaigns for you without request.

Your communication, participation and contribution are vital to the success of your program(s)! If you ever feel as though you are too busy to regularly contact or communicate with your coach to plan marketing campaigns for your business, we do encourage you to lean on the support of managers, employees, and/or invest in acquiring a personalized marketing consultant for your specific business. We are excited to partner with you to achieve your digital marketing goals!


The TLS Coaching Team is very intentional about setting clear expectations with our merchants about what exactly our services consist of so our merchants can properly prepare for the participation they will need to contribute to the success of their programs. We do reiterate that we are not our merchant’s personalized marketing consultant for their particular business, but we are their dedicated coach with expertise in the digital programs they are utilizing for their business. We are always happy to help provide examples from other TLS merchants with similar programs, or help groom and guide the content they provide, but we do not curate custom content for them without request.

We provide monthly newsletters reminding all of our merchants of holidays and national days coming up along with a library of promotional ideas should they need extra inspiration. If a merchant feels like they are too busy or uninspired to create marketing campaigns for their business, we encourage them to lean on the support of managers, employees, or even invest in hiring a marketing consultant. We are always excited to partner with them as a team and help them succeed with their digital marketing goals!

We have experienced sales reps trying to step in and help fill that role when merchants are struggling to meet us (the coaching team) in the middle, and that involvement is entirely up to you on how far you wish to support them.

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